Surgical Operation Microscope

A coaxial illumination binocular operation microscope for a single man, compact, portable and flexible, it can meet general requirements of ophthalmic microsurgery.

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Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

  • Binocular operation microscope designed for single man, can meet the requirements of general ophthalmic surgery.
  • Germany optical lenses are all multi-coated. Image is clear and view field is even.
  • 6°+0 coaxial illumination provides the red reflex, lens posterior capsule can be observed, so as to reduce the risk of surgery.
  • Radius of microscope arm increases to 1030mm, which provides larger operation range for the surgeon.
  • Universal structure/stand to support the microscope head up and down, left and right movement, more application area.
  • Position lock screw can protect the arm at any location from moving.

OPTIONAL: Video Devices (1/2 or 1/4″ CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter and Connecting Cable)

Technical Specifications

LB-1920 It is portable, compact and is mainly applied in clinic, hospitals and mobile hospitals for Ophthalmology, ENT and areas like these.

Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×
Objective Focus f=200
Working Distance 190mm
Magnification for Main Microscope 5.3×, 8×, 12× steps
Diameter of Field Φ37mm, Φ25mm, Φ16.7mm
Diopter Adjustment ±7D
Pupil Distance 50mm~80mm
Maximal Resolution 100 LP/mm
Illumination Source 12V/100W, cold reflection medical halogen bulb
Illumination Type 6°+0°cold light coaxial illumination
Coaxial Illumination ≥30000lx
Reaching Radius of Arm 1030mm
Adjustable Vertical Range ±200mm
Fine Focusing Range 30mm
Input Voltage AC220V±22V/50Hz±1Hz, AC110V±11V/60Hz±1Hz
Power 120VA
Fuse AC250V T1.25A, AC125V T2.5A
Electrical Safety Standard Executive Standard GB9706.1-2007 Class Ⅰ
Packing Volume 0.24m3, 1 carton
Total Weight 51kg
Optional Accessories

(must be ordered separately)

  • 10× Eyepiece.
  • Table installation parts(holding stand, split column).
  • Video devices(1/2” or 1/4” CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter and Connecting Cable).
  • Straight Binocular, Universal Joint(for ENT).
  • Portable packaging. Including three canvas bags and a luggage cart. Magnifications and filed for optional objective lens:
Objective Lens f250mm F300mm F350mm F400mm
Total Magnifications 4.2×, 6.4×, 9.6× 3.5×, 5.4×, 8× 3×, 4.6×, 6.8× 3×, 4×, 6×
Diameter of Field(mm) Φ47.5, Φ31, Φ21 Φ57, Φ38, Φ25 Φ67, Φ44, Φ30 Φ76, Φ50, Φ34