Digital Monocular Microscope

LB-102 Digital Monocular Microscope
LB-102 adopts high-quality optical systems. With characteristics of high-resolution, wide field of view and high zoom ratio. Simple to operate, can realize electrical zoom and focus adjust (optional), as well as electrical converse of observing angle. Ultra-high brightness LED lighting, the life can achieve 20,000 hours. The microscope needs a digital camera.

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Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

  • Magnification standard 20× ~ 135×, the maximum can be 1080×, zoom magnification. External light source (LED light) needed.
  • Measurement software: point-to- point straight-line distance, three-point Circle, radius, perimeter, area, angle, perimeter of the polygon, area measurement.
  • Alternative objective lens and eyepiece, so as to obtain a multiple magnification.
  • With modular structure, compact and complete accessories, LB-1020D is widely used in microelectronics manufacturing and testing industry, especially for high-precision test and inspection industry.
Technical Specifications

With excellent performance, complete accessories, simple and easy to operate, LB-102 is widely used in electronic industry, small precision parts inspection, assembly, repair, especially for observation of surface structure, it also can be applied to biological anatomy, jewelry inspection and schools academic use (with special stand).

Digital Part
Model: LB-102(320), the digital camera is BUC1-320C, please view the specification of BUC1-320C for the technical details.

Optical Part
Eyepiece: 0.5× (standard) Objective: 1× (standard)
0.7×-4.5× zoom magnification(zoom position can be choose)
Zoom Ratio:1:6.6
With eyepiece and objectives, optical magnification range: 0.21×-18× Field of view: 0.3mm ~ 77mm
Working distance: 10mm-333mm, 1× Objective: 96mm


Eyepiece 0.3× 0.5× 0.75× 1.5×
Focus length (mm) 67 90 135 10 270 360
Design length (mm) 76 97 103 130 189 252
Field of view angle 7.6°


Objective 0.3× 0.5× 0.75× 1.5×
Focus length(mm) 333 200 133 100 67 50
Working distance(mm) 331 198 131 96 63 46
Field of view angle 19.5°


Eyepiece 0.3× 0.5× 0.75×
Working Distance 331mm 198mm 131mm
Objective Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view
0.3× 4.65×-31× 77-12mm 6×-41× 59-9mm 9×-61× 39-6mm
0.5× 7.8×-51× 46-7mm 10×-68× 35-5mm 15×-101x 23.5-4mm
0.75× 11.6×-77x 31-4.7mm 15×-101x 23.5-3.6mm 23×-152x 15.7-2.4mm

Magnification (continued)

Eyepiece 1.0× 1.5× 2.0×
Working Distance 96mm 63mm 46mm
Objective Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view
0.3× 12×-81× 29-4mm 18×-121x 19.6-3mm 24×-162x 14.7-2mm
0.5× 20×-135x 17.6-3mm 31×-203x 11.8-2mm 41×-270x 8.8-1.3mm
0.75× 30.6×-202× 12-1.8mm 46×-304x 7.8-1.2mm 61×-405x 6-0.9mm

Standard Package

  1. 1× Objective and 0.5×Eyepiece
  2. Monocular microscope: Φ39mm, length: 200mm
  3. Stand: 26cm×27cm×28cm
  4. Package: 1 pc/carton, 30cm×31cm×52 cm, 4 kgs
Sample Images

LB-102 sample images

Optional Accessories

(must be ordered separately)

  1. Digital camera: BUC1-130C, BUC1-320C, LC-1, MDE-130 and other digital cameras.
  2. LED illumination