Trinocular Automatic Metallurgical Digital Microscope with Infinite Plan Optical System

3.2MP Digital Camera and Software, Extra Wide Field, Transmitted, Reflected and Kohler Illumination

LB-618 Trinocular Automatic Metallurgical Digital Microscope
With our Motorized Auto-Focus Metallurgical microscopes, which integrate the advantages of microscopes area and auto controlling area, achieve the automation of microscopes in laboratory. With excellent optical and motorized controlling system, ingenious stand and convenient operation, they will be your best choice.

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Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

  • Four motor drive, objective nosepiece, stage and coarse & fine focus adjustment can be controlled manually or motorized.
  • Brightness of halogen lamp is divided in to 100 steps(0-99), which can be controlled by the digital controller.
  • 3.2MP digital camera system, USB2.0 plug and play, real-time preview can be up to 30 frames/sec.
  • Built-in dynamic focusing system, auto-focus without computer.
  • High precision positioning leading screw stage, quickly find the clearest images by auto-focus. Auto slide scanning and
    recognizing are controlled by the computer.
  • Network remote control system for real-time teaching, sharing, communication and etc.

LB-618 details

Technical Specifications

LB-618 Trinocular Automatic Metallurgical Digital Microscope with Infinite Plan Optical System, 3.2MP Digital Camera and Software, Extra Wide Field, Transmitted, Reflected and Kohler Illuminationcan be used in institutes and laboratories to observe and identify the structure of various metal and alloy, they also can be used in electronics, chemical and instrumentation industry to observe the opaque material and transparent material, such as metal, ceramics, integrated circuits, electronic chips, printed circuit boards, LCD panels, film, powder, toner, wire, fibers, plated coatings, and other non-metallic materials and so on.

Optical System Infinite optical system
Viewing Head Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°, interpupillarty distance 48mm-75mm
Eyepiece Extral wide field eyepiece EW10×/22, eyepiece tube Φ30mm
Camera System Colorful 3.2 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
Resolution: 2048×1536
Pixel Size: 3.2μm × 3.2μm
Maximum frame rate: 2048×1536   12f/s
                  1600×1200   20f/s
                  1280×1024   27f/s
                  1024×768    43f/s
Sensitivity: 1.0V/lux-sec(550nm)
Exposure: Manual / auto exposure, time adjustable
SNR: >43dB
Nosepiece Motorized backward quintuple nosepiece
BF/DF Adaptor 2pcs BF/DF Adaptor
Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 5×/ 0.12/∞/ – (BF/DF)   WD 12mm
10×/ 0.25/∞/ – (BF/DF)  WD 10.0mm
20×/ 0.4/∞/ 0 (BF/DF)   WD 4.3mm
50×/ 0.75/∞/ 0 (BF/DF)  WD 0.32mm
100×/ 0.8/∞/ 0 (BF/DF)  WD 2mm
40×/ 0.65/∞/ 0.17       WD 0.54mm
100×/ 1.25/∞/ 0.17      WD 0.13mm
Maximum Sample Height 30mm
Reflected Light 24V/100W Halogen light, Brightness adjustable
Kohler illumination and aspherical condenser
Blue, Green, Yellow and Frosted filter
Transmitted Light Swing-out condenser NA0.9/ 0.25
24V/100W Halogen light and aspherical condenser
Blue filter
Focusing Auto focus, fine focus<1μm
Stage Leading screw stage, precision<1μm
Specimen holder
Specimen preparation plate
Slide glass
Hardware Motorized auto-focus controller
USB2.0 cable
9-PIN Control cable
15-PIN Control cable
25-PIN Control cable
9-PIN Serial Port cable
3.5mm auto-focus signal cable
Power adaptor
Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope Controlling Software
Sample Images

LB-618 sample images