Digital Comparison Microscope with Camera and Sofware (3.0MP)

A high level Digital Comparison Microscope, it has a built-in digital image analysis system, it is basically used for forensic science and police departments. It is also provided to these departments such as police training schools, banks, tax, print, coinage, archaeology and etc.

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Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

  • 3Megapixel CCD camera, supports USB/AV output, have camera connector
  • 2.5×-130×, LCD display
  • 24V 300W cold light source, adjustable
  • This microscope comes with camera and software and illuminates by R, G, B LED cold light, and can change color. This microscope focuses electronically. It focuses by an electrical button. The objectives are changed, one by one.
Technical Specifications
Optical Magnification Range 2.5×-130×, LCD display
Eyepiece WF10×(Ф22mm) interpupillary distance 60-75mm
Objective 0.8×, 1.2×, 2×, 3.5×, 4×(0.3×, 2× optional)
Field of view Diameter Ф0.6mm~Ф92mm
Built-in image capture system 3Megapixel CCD camera, support USB/AV output, have camera connector
Working Distance 100mm
Object Stage 100mm×100mm, moving range: 50mm×50mm, vertically 55mm
Horizontally Moving Range 50mm
Power-driven Elevating Range 70mm
Illumination 24V 300W cold light source, adjustable
Power Supply 220V AC input, 24V DC stable Voltage Output, fit for International safety standards
Optional Accessories (must be ordered separately) WF16×, WF20× Eyepiece
LED High power 5W multi-band light source
Bullet marks Analyzer
Digital Camera Connector

LB-1020 Features