Comparison Microscope

LB-1000 Comparison Microscope
Used for forensic science and police departments. It is also provided to these departments such as police training schools, banks, tax, print, coinage, archaeology and etc.

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Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.

  • 3.1×-120×Optical Magnification Range
  • 12V 50W Halogen, adjustable, air-blast strong light source
  • 12V 50W, adjustable, Φ10mm cold light source
  • This microscope illuminates by halogen lamp and focuses manually. The objectives are changed, one by one.
Optional Attachments
Color Video Recording System Matched with CCD color video recording head and professional monitor and video frequency print, to realize multi people observing images, discuss, study and images real-time output.
Images processing system Matched with computer and images processing software, to realize intelligent dealing analyzing of images, and saving of analysis result, share or outputting of results to remote Internet.
Images photographing system Optic or digital camera and video recording camera of various types.
0.4X wide view field low magnification objectives Use with 10X standard eyepiece, objectives vision field nears Φ60mm.
Bullet holder Used for observation of warhead and shellcase.
Trans-illumination Use for observation of transparent and semi transparent objectives
Polarization Wipe away stray light
Light Use some objectives with deep hole trace, small trace or with smooth surface
Optional Accessories

(must be ordered separately)
LBC-5 accessories

Technical Specifications
Optical Magnification Range 3.1×-120×
Eyepiece 10×,16×, 25×
Objective 0.64×, 1×, 1.6×, 2.5×, 4×, 0.4×(Optional)
Bridge Magnification 1.2×
Photograph Magnification
Video Magnification 0.44×
Working Distance 100mm
Object Stage 70mm×70mm, moving range: 51mm×51mm, vertically 54mm
Horizontally Moving Range 45mm
Coarse Elevating Range 49mm
Illumination 12V 50W Halogen, adjustable, air-blast strong light source
Cold Light Source 12V 50W, adjustable, Φ10mm
Power Supply 220V AC input, 12V DC stable Voltage Output, fit for International safety standard